• Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Respected Business Partner,
Trust me , you're doing great . I just want to get in touch with you to check whether you're on normal track or facing any issue . Please update me even if it minor issue related to us/our-support/our-sales/anything related or in which i can help you further .
I'll try to answer all queries that currently running in your mind and provide you best optimal approach for same .We want our client businesses to be in higher level as of now and hence looking for every possible opportunity that can help you to reach peak levels .
Also ,if you're planning to refer us for any service to any user,we'll pay you 20%-50% as referral bonus which may goes up to $500 per months on basis of your referral counts :)
For all inquiries or support ,i'll be on skype (MNCHOST) tomorrow between 11AM CST to 5PM CST ,17th Dec,2014. 
If you have any idea that can boost your businesses or help us in reaching more clients,please share .
Best Regards
Chris L. | Customer Relation Dept.