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The support ticket system is a fully featured ticket desk that allows you to handle all communication with your clients. Featuring threaded discussions, private notes, ticket flagging, varying priority levels, auto inactive ticket closing and much much more... Admins can be assigned on a per department basis so they have access only to the area they are meant to be dealing with.

To Create Ticket :

Step 1: Login to the Client Area

Step 2:Go to Support menu

Step 3:Go to Tickets

Step 4:Click on "Open New Ticket"


When a client submits a support ticket the appropriate members of staff assigned to that department will receive a New Support Ticket Opened email. To view the ticket navigate to Support > Support Tickets and the ticket list is displayed.

This page displays all tickets that are in status Awaiting Reply by default. The ticket order can be changed by clicking the table headings. To view only those tickets with a certain status, department or to search click the Search/Filter tab. The most commonly used status lists can accessed directly from the Support menu in the main admin navigation bar.

The Auto Refresh feature reloads the ticket list automatically at frequencies ranging from every 1 minute to 15 minutes. This is configured via the Auto Refresh tab.

There are several bulk tools on this page; Close and Delete are self-explanatory. Merge will merge two tickets together, the newer ticket is merged into the older ticket. Block Sender & Delete not only deletes the ticket but also adds the sender's email to the Banned Emails list.

A ticket starts life in the 'Open' status. This indicates a new ticket where the client has not yet received a reply from a member of staff. Once you've replied the status automatically changes to 'Answered'. The status can also be changed manually from the view ticket screen, using the dropdown menu next to the ticket subject - a change in selection here is saved immediately using ajax without any need for a page reload.


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